VE3SPY's Tower and Antenna

Over the month of September - 2014 several members of the club worked together to help deploy Gerasimos' VE3SPY's antenna and tilt-over tower. Finally on October 1st, 2014 we erected the tower with antenna installed.Many thanks to Pierre - VE3FLO, Ray - VE3BVV, Art - VE3CGD, Bob - VE3WSY, Kolya - VE3KDP, Rick - VE3URL, Ajmal - VE2ZQ, Mike - VE3UIL and of course Gerasimos - VE3SPY.

This is the antenna as originally found.

Here is Gerasimos VE3SPY and (unid'd) putting the tower together

After we all wrestled the antenna into position, Ray VE3BVV
ran up the ladder and clamped it to the tower.

Finally after hooking it up to Pierre's VE3FLO truck we
managed to hoist the tower into a vertical position.

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