RLARC Flea Market 2020

Rideau Lakes ARC Flea Market 2020

Saturday May 9, 2020


COVID-19 - UPDATED April 4, 2020

The Rideau Lakes Amateur Radio Club takes our responsibility to provide a safe environment for members and guests at our annual Ham Fest seriously. This year we are we are particularly aware of the threat posed by the COVID 19 virus and our responsibility to our community.

Yesterday we were notified by our venue that they are closing indefinitely. Local, Provincial and National health organizations do not consider assembly in large groups in confined spaces to be safe. Due to these considerations we are cancelling our Flea Market for 2020.

When the situation improves, the state of emergency ends and it safe to congregate in large groups we will investigate the possibility of rescheduling the Flea Market.

If we are not able to have a Flea Market this year, we hope you will all be well so we can see you again soon.


We will hold the reservations we have received so far, but will not accept any additional table reservations at this time.