RLARC Flea Market 2020

Rideau Lakes ARC Flea Market 2020

Saturday May 9, 2020


Smiths Falls Curling And Squash Club
13 Old Slys Rd, Smiths Falls, ON K7A 3M3

Talk-in VE3RLR repeater 147.21+ Tone 151.4 FM and Fusion


The Rideau Lakes Amateur Radio Club takes our responsibility to provide a safe environment for members and guests at our annual Ham Fest seriously. This year we are we are particularly aware of the threat posed by the COVID 19 virus and our responsibility to our community. We have recently been notified by our venue that they are closing, and they will assess the situation again in three weeks.

We recognize that it is very likely we will have to cancel our Ham Fest in the interests of the health of our friends, patrons and community. We will closely monitor guidance and direction from National, Provincial and Local health organizations, best practices of similar organizations and the decisions of our venue. We will make and publish our decision to cancel, reschedule or go ahead no later than Saturday April 25, two weeks before our Ham Fest scheduled date of May 9; earlier if that is warranted.

Notification will be published on our website: https://www.ve3rlr.ca/p/httpsgoo.html (this page) and in other popular Amateur Radio on-line and social media outlets.

Regardless of what decision we are required to make, we hope you will all be well so we can see you again soon.


To reserve a table and private vendor admission (we won't require payment until you arrive) send email to Rideau Lakes ARC