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Based in Smiths Falls, Ontario, the Rideau Lakes Amateur Radio Club Inc. has members throughout the Region, and is active in amateur radio and public-service activities in the area. The Club Station Callsign is VE3SFR.

The first organized amateur activity in the area arose in 1977 with the founding of the Rideau Lakes Repeater Association, which was established to build and install the repeater VE3RLR in Smiths Falls. The objective of the repeater was to cover the area between Ottawa and Kingston that repeaters in those centers could not reach, and also to serve boaters and cottagers in the central Rideau Canal System area.

In 1982, co-incident with the 150th anniversary of the completion of the Rideau Canal, the idea arose to have a special events station set up to advertise the occasion and promote amateur radio activity. To this end, in January of that year several amateurs from around Eastern Ontario gathered to form the Smiths Falls Amateur Radio Club. Permission was subsequently obtained for the station to be installed at the Detached Locks in Smiths Falls under the callsign VE3SFR. Permission was also granted for the use of the special callsign CZ3SFR, for a two week period. Later, due to dwindling resources, the Rideau Lakes Repeater Association amalgamated with the Smiths Falls Amateur Radio Club. In 1995, the club name was changed to the Rideau Lakes Amateur Radio Club and in July 1996 the Club was incorporated under the laws of Ontario as a non-profit charitable organization.

30th Anniversary Club Meeting 2007

Photo of members at the February 2007 meeting, celebrating the 30th anniversary of our repeater, VE3RLR, and the 25th anniversary of the Club.

Since it has been a while since we had a club photo taken we took care of that at the February 2020 meeting, which would be the 43rd anniversary of our repeater, and 38th anniversary of the Club.

Club Meeting February 2020
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