Tuesday, 21 February 2017

VE3RLR Gets New Fusion Repeater

Over the months of December and January the Rideau Lakes Amature Radio club was pleased to introduce a new technology to our repeater complex. We purchased a Yaesu Fusion repeater system and a number of mobile and handheld Fusion radios to equip our membership. We would like to thank Radio World for their superb support in fulfilling this order and are looking forward to welcoming them to our Flea Market this year.

The Fusion repeater has finished tests and familiarisation for our club members and is now installed as our VHF repeater:

VE3RLR 147.210 + PL 151.4Hz AMS IN/OUT

The AMS IN/OUT means that the repeater will automatically adapt to the mode used on the input frequency. If you call the repeater using FM it will transmit using FM. If you call the repeater using C4MF (The Fusion digital mode) it will transmit using C4FM.